21,400 MT sugar discharge at PQ: TCP chief asks commerce secretary to allow disposal sans check

Business Recorder May 6,2010

ISLAMABAD (May 06 2010): While MV BM Defender continues to discharge 21,400 MT un-contractual sugar at berth no MW-4 at Port Qasim, S Anjum Bashir, TCP Chairman has appealed to Zafar Mahmood, Secretary Commerce to allow disposal of this consignment without any conformity assessment report and independent laboratory testing, inside sources in TCP told Business Recorder.

In a fax message No TCP/CH-1/2010 dated May 4, 2010 addressed to Zafar Mahmood, Secretary Commerce with a copy to Minister for Commerce and Secretary, Science and Technology, S Anjum Bashir, TCP Chairman has stated that “It has been bought to my notice today that PSQCA’s staff visited the Pipri Godowns on April 26, 2010 and after drawing samples from the recently imported sugar, verbally directed the Incharge Pipri godowns, for not off-loading the stocks till laboratory report is finalised and dispatched.

This is a serious situation and requires urgent intervention at the ministry level to request the Ministry of Science and Technology for removal of this restriction by PSQCA. This restriction will upset delivery routine to USC, which can result into serious crisis. We have been making efforts at our end but the ministry’s intervention is urgently required.”

Independent observers are of the view that instead of following the law, rules and procedures, TCP Chairman is determined to misrepresent facts and portray a “serious crisis” if the mandatory law, rules & procedures are not violated.

Due to widespread criticism on the 19,500 MT un-contractual sugar offloaded from berth no. MW-4 at Port Qasim recently, a team of PSQCA officials comprising the following officers visited the premises on TCP on 24th & 25th April, 2010: 1. S Muhammad Zaki, Asstt. Director (Import & Export), Feroze Uddin, Asstt. Director (Import & Export), Jibran Qureshi, Field Officer (Import & Export) and Mujtaba Mohsin, Field Officer (Import & Export).

However, this team couldn’t draw samples as they were reportedly denied access to TCP’s warehouses on the grounds that “the consignments were still being stored/stocked” which is collusive behaviour on the part of corrupt TCP officials. TCP in its clarification has finally admitted that Cargill Incorporated USA is under litigation with TCP.

Nevertheless, it is a plain fact that even though Cargill International SA, Geneva is a principal subsidiary of Cargill Inc, USA, TCP is still refusing to blacklist them due to the financial benefits accruing from their inaction. TCP and its Directors have reportedly compelled the newly appointed chairman to cover up all illegal actions, highly placed sources told BR on condition of anonymity.

Business Recorder has in its possession evidence against TCP’s corrupt practices including opening of a LC for a defaulted party Sadan causing the country a loss of $70 a ton to substandard sugar sale in the country by another firm and with respect to the litigation involving Cargill.

The Secretary Commerce is allegedly unaware of what is happening in TCP. A committee is expected to be constituted to investigate all these wrongdoings by TCP Directors as the chairman, instead of making them accountable, has rewarded them with additional charges.


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