Is Secrecy on Drone Attacks Hiding Civilian Casualties?

By  Ken Silverstein From Inter Press Service:

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s refusal to share with other agencies even the most basic data on the bombing attacks by remote-controlled unmanned predator drones in Pakistan’s northwestern tribal region, combined with recent revelations that CIA operatives have been paying Pakistanis to identify the targets, suggests that managers of the drone attacks programmes have been using the total secrecy surrounding the programme to hide abuses and high civilian casualties.

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Arfa Karim – World’s Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional

By Todd Bishop

Sitting down for a personal meeting with Bill Gates, 10-year-old Arfa Karim Randhawa asked the Microsoft founder why the company doesn’t hire people her age. Under the circumstances, the question wasn’t so unreasonable. Arfa, a promising software programmer from Faisalabad, Pakistan, is believed to be the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in the world. The designation, given to outside experts who prove their ability to work with Microsoft technologies, has also been achieved by some teenagers. But it’s far more common among adults seeking to advance their computer careers.

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Skull and Bones Society (history)

In this video Ron Rosenbaum explains history of Skull and Bones Society. Ron is Author of The Secret Parts of Fortune, Explaining Hitler The Search for the Origins of His Evil, Manhattan Passions True Tales of Power, Wealth and Excess, Murder at Elaine’s,  Those Who Forget the Past The Question of Anti-Semitism, Travels with Doctor Death : And Other Unusual Investigations.

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The Bilderberg Group (History)

Pakistani Chiristians lock thier horns to take over worthy land

By Masood Anwar

It is nothing but land worth of several billion rupees located in the prime locations of major cities in Pakistan that is the basic bone of contention between the two major groups of local Christians in Pakistan.

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Pak-built Agosta submarine up for sale

Pak-built Agosta submarine up for sale

A milestone in defence production

By Masood Anwar

KARACHI: Pakistan has achieved a huge milestone in defence production, and would offer a newly built state-of-the-art Agosta 90-B submarine for sale, at the IDEAS 2000 exhibition to be held from Monday, at the Expo Centre.

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